Peace and wellness can be yours by harnessing the transformative power of sound! 


We are each unique beings and yet the healing vibration of sound is universal. Join us for a facilitated meditation to empower your journey into optimal alignment and live a life in balance, connection, abundance, and great health.


Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a means of healing. As we meditate, or relax with sound, we can release ourselves from stress and enter a state of homeostasis. A place of being where the mind and spirit return to balance and the body heals itself.


Our bodies are made of various types of matter, all matter is energy, and all energy is a form of resonance or vibration… Like a musical instrument, through use or neglect, our bodies can fall out of tune and resonate in dissonance creating a state of stress and dis-ease. Sound healing is a powerful tool enabling us to detach from thought & resistance and re-connect to our true, authentic self. 


The tonal vibrations of our instruments stimulate the brain and the parasympathetic nervous system to help induce a Theta state, a place of tranquility, altered consciousness and expansion of the mind. By simply listening with intention to these pure, vibrant tones and frequencies one may find peace, joy, inner-awareness and rejuvenation as well as release energy no longer serving them, such as, deep-seated fear, anxiety, trauma, negative emotions and behavioral patterns.


Much like a yoga practice, frequent sound meditations create space for us to become less reactive in our environment, opening gateways to realizing the full potential of our health, deep relaxation, prosperity, love, forgiveness, ease, insight and a life of greater purpose. 


To discover more about the science behind sound click below. 




During a Sound Bath, you will want to be dressed comfortably as you lie on your back on a yoga mat or sleeping pad with the optional use of pillows, bolsters and blankets for comfort. Each Sound Bath is uniquely different, yours may begin with a short, guided meditation/visualization, breath work and aromatherapy to help soothe the body & quiet the mind. Once settled, a harmonious sleep-like, meditative state will be reached while Christina and Paul lovingly facilitate an immersive atmosphere of sound; playing each instrument with focus and intention as you are bathed in positive sound vibrations. 


Individual attention is given to each guest with a bowl or other instrument around the crown of the head/over the body, before being gently guided out of the meditation and closing the circle. We are blessed to have had many people share with us their enlightened experiences of seeing colors, feeling weightless, receiving visions, the stirring of emotions, or just simply being more relaxed than they ever have been before. Many have also expressed how frequent visits help them navigate the conditions of their daily life with ease. How will you feel? We hope you find out at our next Shanti Sound Bath!



It all began many years ago in a candle-lit room immersed in vibration from the magical sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and gongs… Together for our first sound journey, lying in a group circle not knowing what to expect, we experienced a sense of peace and well-being like we had never felt before. Little did we know at the time that this would be our first step on a joy-filled path filled with harmony, community and healing. 


Our transformation continued with a spiritually-elevated trip to Thailand. Connecting with the land, the people, the temples and the cultural stories brought us to a whole new level of universal love and awareness as we traveled the country. With a new sense of freedom and a yearning to shift our purpose in service towards a greater cause we returned home. Singing bowls began to slowly fill up our lives and our living room as Nepalese master sound healing teacher, Suren Shrestha, introduced us to the sacred practice of sound therapy. Shortly thereafter, with a passion to share the beneficial healing vibrations of sound with our community in the Pacific Northwest, Shanti Sound Healing was born. 


During this transformational period, we started to feel a deep call to the beautiful island of Maui, where now (just a handful of years later) we continue to do our heart-centered work alongside the healing energy of the Āina. 


Our partnership in sound is a unique rhythm and flow of creativity, musical knowledge, intuition, authenticity and love. We always strive to create a clear, safe environment where new and experienced guests of resonance are welcome. Some components of our sound family include hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls, crystal quartz singing bowls, tingsha bells, drums, elemental chimes, gongs and more. We are so appreciative to our community here and to all who visit to receive the magic of this land as we uphold our vision to raise the vibration of our planet together.

“Aloha, I’m Christina and I love creating magical experiences that inspire beings to connect to their truest self and shine their inner light! I have a great passion to serve others with my natural empathic gifts, helping them to live in their highest alignment through sound, meditation, movement and other energetic offerings.”



Christina was born in Honolulu and was raised for most of her life in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington. As a child, she was always connected to realms of fantasy, imagination and artistic creation. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and pursuing a nearly 20 year career, in-and-out of the corporate circle, her stress level was out of control!  Although she felt “successful”, her physical and emotional health was suffering to the point where she could barely function. She was unhappy and in truth her inner-light was nearly extinguished. Christina was guided to make a courageous shift in her life… She finally gave herself permission to let go and follow her heart - a terrifying but freeing feeling. She spent the next year re-discovering her truest identity, through intuitive guidance, connecting in nature, travel, meditation, writings, physical movement and nutrition which eventually led her to a sound healing journey and certification with her Nepalese teacher Suren Shrestha. Christina continues to follow the path of her greatest joy and live the life of her dreams with her beloved partner Paul, as they spread love through sound on the beautiful island of Maui.


In addition to being a certified Sound Healing Therapist, Christina has been an avid yogi and dancer for over 20 years (specializing in the beautiful art of belly dance).  She has a great deal of enthusiasm for helping women to celebrate their bodies, feel graceful & empowered and form a sense of sister-hood through sacred movement. Click here if you’re interested in private group/individual sessions for yoga or belly dance.


Paul is a natural born dreamer, creative and self-taught, life-long musician who is passionate about sound and its abilities to heal the mind, body and soul. His harmonious melodies of Tibetan and crystal quartz singing bowls help to transcend people to a different plane of existence, allowing each individual to feel deeply relaxed, connected and renewed. Paul is truly fulfilled by inspiring others to reach their full potentials through the healing art of sound.



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"This lovely couple leads the Shanti Sacred Sound Bath I go to with all the Singing Crystal/Tibetan Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Gongs (that sound like whales singing) and other soothing instruments. Such a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere and experience. The soothing fragrance of essential oils sprayed over you is like the dew of fresh raindrops.

Christina has an angelic voice, as she puts you into a deep, visualized, relaxing state with her meditation.

I truly recommend this sound bath if you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to calm and soothe your soul!!"